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Reasons Why You Have to Outsource to Israel

In the US, during the economic boom, some of the leading attorneys were charging nearly 1250 dollars, but after the recession entered in, the fees dropped drastically. At the moment most of the lawyers have begun charging 1000 dollars per hour again.

When you base on the legal industry, in practices that are related to finance such as bankruptcy, tax, acquisitions and mergers, they usually charge the highest rate per hour. It is possible that even you can be charged more than 1000 dollars. For practices such as mergers and acquisitions, it is possible to charge even 1100 dollars, though it is a bit difficulty to charge more than that.

Some companies are willing to part with lots of money, provided they get unique expertise full of high quality. They are ready to go an extra mile provided they get a top lawyer full of unique experience and quality.Moshe Kahn Law

The wall street journal found out those attorneys who are among the most expensive are in the United States. One lawyer who had specialized in offering client advice in regard to forming private equity funds and leveraged buyouts was charging a rate of 1250 dollars per hour.

With this happening, a lot of people have decided to outsource. Though you will not find lawyers charging such an amount, for diligence documentary review or even litigation discovery, some of the corporate attorneys may advise the company to lower the legal costs by outsourcing.

It is a fact that the recent US recession has seriously affected a good number of companies in their ability to afford high fees on lawyer representation. Also, you will find that there exists a high competition between the law firms which can be selected to represent top corporations in the country. By creating such a situation in which all corporations want to outsource legal services, law firms  will find it hard and at the same time appropriate to lower their legal fees and then outsource some few tasks.

Israel is a great destination for the US attorneys. It offers a unique opportunity to its law firms to hire attorneys from the US by basing on offshore prices. This is the case since Israel has got a large pool of US licensed, talented, educated and English speaking lawyers from Israel and legal firms with experience.

For instance, a particular corporation which has been involved in large litigation may need hundreds of hours dealing with documentary review dedicated partly to a process of discovery. Hours of diligence handling are always required when a corporation is looking forward to purchasing another one. This can be done by experienced lawyers working at offshore prices.